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"Joanna has changed my life. I started seeing her at least 5 years ago and I had so many issues. I really believe that I would not be here today had I not used Joanna for all this time. My health is the best it has ever been. I will continue to use her services for as long as she provides them!"-Patsy Mitchel 25/06/2020

"Joanna is an amazing practitioner, very detailed and thorough explanations, always responds to emails and generally a lovely person! Ive been going to her for years"Kamer Ali 23/06/2020

“Initially I arranged an appointment in June with Joanne for my husband who had been unwell for sometime. We where both impressed by the results as we had never seen or heard of Asyra testing.As soon as we arrived back at Luton station we went to get the magnesium citrate and flax seed oil which had been recommended by Joanne. Once we got home we threw away the soya sauce. We then made appointments for myself and our two children for a later date.I was so impressed I told my friends at work who had seen the difference in me. Several of them also made appointments with Joanne.Over the weeks I began to make small changes. Now use Cartonio oil,olive oil and sea salt for cooking. We drink Alpro Almond milk, eat a lot more fish, take regular vitamins. With the small changes we have seen positive results.  My daughter's attendance at school which was inconsistent was rewarded  with a certificate of 100% attendance from September to December 2013. She said "Mummy that has never happen to me before in my whole life Joanne's health thing helped me.”

Ferguson Family, UK



"Seeing Joanna has been instrumental  in getting my health better, with the information from the amazing Asyra test incredibly useful, and Joanna herself adding to this with an abundance of information about diet and supplements, to help me formulate my own nutrition plan. Her manner is also calm and compassionate, and I think compassion is key to sticking to any programme requiring a change in lifestyle."

Gwen Rahardja, UK




"I will admit, I was a bit of a skeptic when I first went with my mother for a consultation with Joanna. However, during the consultation I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of the equipment she was using and her knowledge of the body. The consultation was excellent, and I have seen the benefits just from the drops alone, without any other supplements. I have recommended Holistics Medis to many friends and family, who have been as pleased as me with the results."

Michelle Edwards, UK



“Visiting Holistic Medicine was a very positive experience and made such a difference in my life! I would highly recommend that everybody who is feeling low on energy, run down and  generally

not well to visit this amazing place. 

Joanna, the therapist is very sweet and knowledgeable and will make you feel at ease to discuss any potential issues. Thanks to the advanced Asyra technology used, Joanna was able to
I was intolerant to, various deficiencies in my body and generally all areas that were weakened or under stress. Based on this information Joanna made suggestions as to what lifestyle changes I should make and what supplements would be beneficial to balance my whole system out.
Unbelievable as it might sound, already during the consultation I was starting to feel better as the Asyra system balances out all weekend areas and desensitizes various sensitivities.

Once again, I would highly recommend that you visit this "magic" place if you genuinely wish to feel better in your own skin”.
identify  foods

Linda Bestandigova, UK




“My experience with Holistic Medis couldn’t have been better, in fact I wish I had gone to see her much earlier.
I was perfectly comfortable and the Asyra method picked up so many different things that I already suspected and that affected me deeply throughout my life.
Joanna has provided support and reasons for everything and many suggestions to improve my lifestyle for good.
I told a lot of my friends about it and I am planning to come back soon and see if my health got better “.

UKAntonina Sarria ,


Joanna was lovely and gave me some great advice.



Joanna was very knowledgeable thorough. I would recommend.



Very good consultancy. I learnt a lot about my food sensitivities, and started adapting my diet



I would definitely recommend this therapy. Joanna is very knowledgeable and I was surprised as to how accurate the results were!



Joanna is really friendly and helpful.




Couldn't have been a better experience.




Joanna is helpful and knowledgeable and she really makes the effort o explain every aspect of the testing and results. I would definitely recommend Joanna and asyra testing.



Worth every penny.The results were a very true reflection of my current health issues.To be honest , I am surprised how accurate it was!I will adopt a healthier lifestyle and eliminate the foods that are impacting my health.Joanna is very knowledgeable and friendly.I would r… Show more



Very informative! Definitely worth seeing. I was made feel very comfortable, and every step of the way was explained thoroughly.




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