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Asyra Health Screening

The Asyra Pro  is a fully automated, most advanced electrodermal screening system available today. It allows to evaluate unique aspects of your health with information gathered through painless, non-invasive energetic readings from your body.  Readings are taken by holding two electrodes and small energetics changes in the electrical resistance of your skin are monitored as different signals are output. Thousands of “energetic questions” are sent out to the patient’s body and the response is registered through the system and allows the practitioner to build up the picture about your health what is balanced or imbalanced.

It is very fast and accurate screening and allows your health care practitioner to prescribe personalised remedy and choose unique treatment to achieve your optimal health. The whole body assessment can be done within few minutes. Tests can be customised to the patient’s needs to achieve maximum treatment success.
The tests will give you insights into what is going on within your body on various levels:
Which organs are stressed, weekend or imbalanced. We can find out what causes the imbalance.
Food Intolerance - this screening includes over 200 foods and drinks. It indicates your reaction to foods that may cause various symptoms (digestive issues, weight control, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, inflammatory issues etc.).
The imprinted homoeopathic remedy along with indicated supplements will help you to desensitise and restore your balance.
Nutritional Assessment this screening will help to assess your nutritional status of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that may indicate absorption issues. Appropriate diet recommendation and nutritional supplements will help to replenish deficiencies and improve absorption.
Inhalants Allergy (hay fever)  – environmental sensitivity test will indicate which allergens you are sensitive to.
The appropriate imprinted remedy along with immune system modifying supplements will help you to de-sensitise.
Pollen allergic people can also experience allergic symptoms when they eat certain nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The body reacts because it cannot distinguish between the substances in pollen causing allergy and similar substances in foods. This is called cross-reactions or cross allergy.
Asyra Pro allows to imprint tailor-made energetic (digital homoeopathic) remedy as well as to administer a low level laser treatment. It also allows testing specific supplements or remedies against the patient’s body.
The Asyra Pro runs a standard energetic assessment of 40 major organs and systems and a very comprehensive tailor-made assessment to find the remedies to restore your balance.
Some of the test available below:

· Food Intolerance (over 200 different food items), Sensitivity and Allergy
· Energetic Status of 40 major organs
· Nutritional Assessment
· Mineral & Vitamin Deficiencies
· Enzymes Deficienies
· Metabolic Disturbance
· Hormonal Profile
· Menstrual & Menopausal Problems
· Allergy/ Hay Fever/ Environmental Sensitivity
· Parasites and Infections
· Heavy Metal Toxicity
· Emotional Stressors / Bach flowers remedies
· Vertebral Profile
· Constitutional Weakness
· Neurotransmitter Disturbance
· Cranial Suture
  Excersise Recommendation
· and much more
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