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Child at Psychologist

If your child has symptoms of ADD or ADHD, and you are frustrated and tired and helpless, because you tried everything:  yelling, controlling, nagging,  counselling, perhaps medication. But your child has an outburst of uncontrolled anger, lousy school grades, inability to hold concentration,  listless and making a connection and cooperation nearly impossible. Your family life is affected; your other children feel left out. You've been looking for something that works, and here it is a proven therapy developed by Dr Walsh with over 30 years of research and thousands of blood and urine tests.

Dr Walsh protocol proved that children and adults with these annoying symptoms have brain biochemistry imbalance and or methylation issues.
ADHD describes and
2.Impulsivity- Hyperactivity
3.or Both

According to Walsh Research Institute studies, people with

ADHD have significant chemical imbalances such as:

1.Elevated Cu 68%
2.Insufficient Ceruloplasmin 92%
3.Zinc Depletion 96%
4.Methylation Disorder 55%
5.Pyrrole Disorder 30%
6.Malabsorption 11%

Excess Cu (copper) severely depletes dopamine levels. 

Low dopamine level is associated with inattention, distractibility

and performance at school.

Once this chemistry is within the norm, the behaviour issues

stabilise. Families report improvement in children's behaviour

within a few weeks.
Imagine no more enraged behaviours, no more failure to listen,

no more interrupting, no more whining, complaining, and talking

No more tension and fights and you can finally reinstate harmony

and love to your family. 

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