Joanna Ozimek -Parkitna, ND, Dip Hom

I am a qualified naturopath, homeopath, holistic nutritionist & certified practitioner in Dr Walsh "Nutrient Therapy".  I have a special interest in nutrigenomics  & mitochondrial imbalance.  I combine various functional tests  to get to the root cause of the symptoms.

I have over twelve years of experience in helping adults & children in their health challenges by addressing significant biochemistry imbalances affecting gut health, Candida & Fungi Overgrowth,  behavioral issues, hyperactivity, ADHD, autism (for additional information  please visit )

I am curious by nature, and this helps me to get to the root cause of a problem. I will not leave any stone unturned until I see the results.

My family experienced a devastating mental disease, and  I know how challenging it can be. I know that you can overcome the impossible and the body has an incredible self-correcting mechanism once you know what to address and how to correct the imbalances.

Training and Diploma:

Naturopathy ND

Homoeopathy Dip.Hom

Clinical Nutrition

Asyra- Bio-resonance testing

Nutrient Therapy: Mastering Brain Chemistry -Walsh Research Institute

Other training:


Integrative Psychiatry

Adrenal /Stress/Sleep

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Advanced Application of Fatty Acids

Bacteria’s Biofilm

Eradication of Biofilm

The Gut-Brain Connection

Intestinal Permeability


Histamine Intolerance / Gut Dysbiosis

Coherent Method for Gut Repair

Functional Diagnostics Gut/Liver

Allergy Masterclass

Clinical Cardiology (Hypertension)

Toxicology and Detoxification

The Heavy Metal Detox

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