Joanna Ozimek-Parkitna, ND, Dip. Hom is a founder of Holistic Medis.

In the search for the best results in her patients, she pursued lots of different training in the UK and abroad. She has been trained in London (CNM), Chicago and in Calcutta. For many years she specialised in food sensitivity testing and digestive issues treatments

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Dr Walsh Protocol

The real breakthrough occurred when her close family member developed devastating mental health illness, and the medical treatment not only failed but brought on lots of side effects and worsening general condition. This experience set her on the road to find the best natural solution to resolve the issues. It took her years to find something that worked.


She went to study with Dr William Walsh of the prestigious Walsh Research Institute, author of “Nutrient Power”, explaining the biochemistry imbalance behind mood and behavioural disorders and other mental illnesses. Joanna is one of the very few clinicians in the UK to become a certified Walsh Institute Mental Health practitioner. 


Joanna's mission now is to help others by sharing her experience, passion in natural, nutrient therapy.

She believes in the natural body's intelligence to heal itself. She wants to empower parents to take action. She wants to instil a desire to search for the best solution for mental health issues without side effects. She wants to alleviate the parents struggle with no hope, despair and emotional pain.

Carl Pfeiffer (pharmacologist) argued that "For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect." Pfeiffer believed that biochemical imbalances were responsible for many psychological problems.

She specialises now in digestive health and methylation disorders affecting mental health. She adopts a non-drug, nutrient approach targeted to correct biochemical imbalances that could be associated with pyroluria, anxiety, fears, ADHD, learning disabilities,  children’s phobias, mood swings, aggressive behaviour, and much more.

Joanna combines functional laboratory testing and bio-resonance screening to address precisely underlying issues for each patient. As a naturopath, homoeopath and personal experience, she understands the complexity of the human body, and she takes into consideration the mind and the body at the same time.

Training and Diploma:

Naturopathy ND

Homoeopathy Dip.Hom

Clinical Nutrition

Asyra- Bio-resonance testing

Nutrient Therapy: Mastering Brain Chemistry -Walsh Research Institute

Other training:


Integrative Psychiatry

Adrenal /Stress/Sleep

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Advanced Application of Fatty Acids

Bacteria’s Biofilm

Eradication of Biofilm

The Gut-Brain Connection

Intestinal Permeability


Histamine Intolerance / Gut Dysbiosis

Coherent Method for Gut Repair

Functional Diagnostics Gut/Liver

Allergy Masterclass

Clinical Cardiology (Hypertension)

Toxicology and Detoxification

The Heavy Metal Detox

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