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Joanna Ozimek-Parkitna MBA, ND, Dip Hom

Joanna is a qualified naturopath, homoeopath, holistic nutritionist & certified practitioner in Dr Walsh "Nutrient Therapy". She has a particular interest in nutrigenomics & mitochondrial imbalance. She was trained in Chicago, London and Calcutta under well-known homoeopath Dr Banerjea. For many years she specialized in food sensitivity testing and digestive issues treatments. She combines various functional tests to get to the root cause of the symptoms.

Joanna has over twelve years of experience in helping adults & children in their health challenges by addressing significant biochemistry imbalances affecting gut health, Candida & Fungi Overgrowth, behavioural issues, hyperactivity, ADHD, autism (for additional information, please visit  

Joanna is curious by nature, which helps her get to the root cause of a problem. She will not leave any stone unturned until she  sees the results.

Her family experienced a devastating mental disease, and she knows how challenging it can be. She believes that you can overcome the impossible, and the body has an incredible self-correcting mechanism once you know what to address and how to correct the imbalances.

Training and Diploma:

Naturopathy ND

Homoeopathy Dip.Hom

Clinical Nutrition

Asyra- Bio-resonance testing

Nutrient Therapy: Mastering Brain Chemistry -Physician Education Workshop -Walsh Research Institute USA

Other training:


Integrative Psychiatry

Adrenal /Stress/Sleep

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Advanced Application of Fatty Acids

Bacteria’s Biofilm

Eradication of Biofilm

The Gut-Brain Connection

Intestinal Permeability


Histamine Intolerance / Gut Dysbiosis

Coherent Method for Gut Repair

Functional Diagnostics Gut/Liver

Allergy Masterclass

Clinical Cardiology (Hypertension)

Toxicology and Detoxification

The Heavy Metal Detox

FREE 15 min Discovery Consultation 00447739392061

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