Homeopathy is based on the law of similar “what a substance can cause it can also cure”. If a substance produces symptoms in a healthy person, e.g. onions or garlic cause sneezing, watery nose, these very substances can cure a person suffering from these symptoms.  VACCINATION is nothing but HOMEOPATHY.
Homeopathy gently stimulates the body’s healing mechanism, providing safe and gentle treatment. It is suitable for children, elderly people and pregnant woman.  Homeopathy has been successfully used for over 200 years worldwide.
In brief it is safe, curative and easily available. However it cannot replace absolute surgical cases or lifesaving antibiotics.
Homeopathy if properly chosen can give miraculous results in chronic conditions.

Homeopathy aims at a permanent cure by removing the deficiency present in the constitution, which are mainly responsible for various ailments. Once they are got rid of, health is restored permanently. The stipulation, however is that it cures what is curable.
Homeopathy is essentially a natural healing process providing remedies to help the patient regain normal health by stimulating the body’s natural forces of recovery.

Asyra  Health Screening provides a unique digital homeopathic remedy as it replicates the frequencies of picked remedies and combines in a unique complex for each individual.